We were publishing a template in themeforest. Whats the rule for adding the images from unsplash?

We were publishing a template in themeforest. The template includes multiple images from unsplash, what is the rule for adding it into the template. I mean to say about the credits and copyright things. Can we credit it as: “All the images are taken from unsplash” or do we need to give credit to each image.

Depending on the image you’re using, you may need to “credit” all the images but if you’re creating HTML template, you’re not allowed to add any images ( you need to use placeholder images )

We are developing nextjs template, what do we need to do for that?

You can use Unsplash for the demo but the download copy should only include placeholders and not the original asset.

Check out this link

Ok ,Thanks for the immediate reply

Can we use the link like http://placehold.co/ to for the placeholder images in the template?

Yes, you could but better if you use “placeholder” images within the template.
You can just open the images you’re using with paint and delete/empty them all with different colors.

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ok Thanks!