we improved our template. what is your opinion about that?


do you have any suggestions for improving it?

can this template be approving on ThemeForest?

help our team

demo link : http://dsrthemes.pw/emi/

thank you

best regard

Hi @dsrthemes, I made a comment in your previous thread suggesting some improvements. I see that you have made the changes, well done.
BUT, you have a huge problem on mobile - content is not visible. Also the menu transition needs to be fixed - it’s “glitchy” currently - check this issue.
Always test your item not only on desktop, but on mobile also. Fix this if you want your item to have chances for approval.


I am testing this in the Chrome Developer Tools. What you see on the image is the whole screen which cannot be scrolled further.


I will go as far as to give you a hint: you have a property height: unset on #pagepiling which is causing your problem, along with columns order. I hope you appreciate this.

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oh thank you for your feedback

but you must refresh the page. pagepiling will disable on mobile mode. only developers can see this problem.

when your device changed you must have a refresh.

was the problem only this?

thank you

Yes, on refresh everything is ok.

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