We have uploaded 2 items on graphicriver but never found on dashboard after review

We have uploaded 2 items on graphicriver. After uploading they were in Queued for Review. But after one day disappeared from dashboard. We actually want to ask that where doses our uploaded items goes ? We did’t received any approval or rejected email & couldn’t find on website. Please guide us.



when a item review complete reviewer team sending you a mail if that item approved or not
Check your account hidden item tab http://prntscr.com/m1jplf

if you found your item in hidden item tab then your item is soft rejected


I checked hidden items. But there is no file in hidden items. What does it means ?

Open a Envato Help ticket Envato Market Author Help Center
share details with Envato Customer success they will give you an official answer what happen that time with your items.

One thing more. Where can I find my items after approval ?

Portfolio http://prntscr.com/m1jqp6

hi, basically if u cannot find your item anywhere , either u need to contact the help center for a technical issue or , what is more likely to be what happened, this is that u had your item rejected … and the email somehow some way got lost …