We have purchased the 'woocommerce rental & booking' plugin, some doubts regarding google calendar..

We have purchased the ‘woocommerce rental & booking’ plugin, there are some doubts regarding google calendar. We have successfully integrated the google calendar with this plugin. And in the Rnb calendar admin page, we can see the recent order in this calendar. Actually, our concern is that after the integration in the single product page of the site the dates for pickup & drop off is not synchronous with the orders (ie; seems that these datepicker are not google calendars. Simply a datepicker). We need to show the google calendars in the pickup date & drop off date fields.

Thanks in advance friends…

Hello @testacctnet

Please contact the author of the plugin for support, they will be able to assist.

Here’s how you can do that → How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

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