Booking/Appointment System with WooCommerce & 2-Way Google Calendar Integration

Hi There,

I’m looking for a WooCommerce plugin that will allow me to create bookable products. The functionality that I am looking for is very similar to the functionality that can be found at So it needs to do the following:

  • Support multiple people so that each staff member has their own avaliability/calendar.

  • Allow staff to block out days when they are unavaliable.

  • Be able to support different products taking different amounts of time.

  • Be able to have rooms each with their own avaliability.

  • Have a two way synchronisation with Google Calendar or another calendar app.

  • Allow users to then make and pay the booking through WooCommerce and to then be able to manage those orders in WooCommerce.


Are you looking for a cheaper solution? As I understand, the WooCommerce plugin should be enough for your needs

It would be if it could do the 2-way calendar synchronisation but it only works one way. I would prefer it if I could add appointments not taken through the site on Google Calendar as well as to block out time where I’m not avaliable as it is a far more intuitive interface to use than WooCommerce. I suppose the other option could be if the WooCommerce Bookings could be changed to do the 2-way calendar synchronisation but I imagine that will cost more money on top of purchasing the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

Did you look this plugin?

I have use it several times in diferent projects and it can be customized by your needs.

Thanks for the suggestion Zaccc but unfortunately it doesn’t have the two way Google Calendar integration I am looking for.

Integration to Google Calendar may not be even possible. It usually works from Google to WordPress site

I made a addon for WooCommerce Bookings to connect it with Google Calendar 2 ways.

Check and let me know


Yes its unanswered old post, that’s why I replied. Also, the question was for WooCommerce not WordPress.

Also if you read carefully I said 2 ways, which means WooCommerce to Google Calendars and Google Calendars to WooCommerce.

Hope there is not more confusions, thanks for giving me chance to clarify further.