"We are adjusting author revenue share for Elements Enterprise subscriptions"

I just receinved this email about adjusting author revenue share for Elements Enterprise subscriptions from 50% to 25%. Is this a joke? All these because you have extra costs? What about our living costs? What’s next? Free Items? It’s not about the money anymore. These changes will no affect my income as you say, but I don’t trust you anymore.Oh @collis


the decrease is from the Enterprise subscription.
This change will not affect your portion of your regular Elements subscription, which will remain at 50%.

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" From the revenue period beginning October 1, 2023 we will be reducing the percentage of revenue that Authors receive from Enterprise subscriptions **from 50% to 25%."

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Sure. I didnt say something different.

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Wait. Looks like us, AUTHORS, will receive less from Enterprise downloads. Let’s supose I make 100usd/month from Enterprise downloads. With that, I will receive only 50usd, right?

I can’t believe that it’s real. That they are cutting half of our income in that side.


I need a clear answer about this topic. I want to understand if this is real or not.

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