Warehouse theme compatiblity PHP 8.1 or more


I have a spanish web using warehouse theme, running presta 8.1.1 and PHP 8.0. Well the problem is when change a 8.1 or 8.2 PHP version, the web run 500 errors.
Do you know if the theme is compatible or do I have an error on the websiteat?


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Hi @lacestitadelbebe, would it be possible for you to enable “debug mode” on your website? This will allow you to see the underlying error message, instead of showing a blank 500 screen. See How To Enable Debugging in WordPress.

The reason I ask is because it’s possible that the error is coming from a plugin as well. The error message should include a file path that can help narrow down where it’s coming from.

If you do determine that it’s coming from the Warehouse Theme, then you should reach out to the author at the link below, because it does look like that theme should work on all versions of PHP 8.

OK, I review. Many thanks!

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