Want to hire a Job Monster guru


My website, www.dayawaycareers.com, is based on the Job Monster theme. It helps young professionals get jobs in renewable energy. The Job Search function is too slow. I want to hire a freelancer who has worked on JM, been there, done it. My developers have moved on. I am a 62 year old retired guy who really wants to help these college kids get into clean energy. Anyone got a recommendation for me?


you can try www.studio.envato.com but be aware that theme may only be part of the issue for example:

  • are you using decent or dedicated hosting?

  • are all your images etc. optimized?

  • are there unnecessary pages and content from the theme installation etc.


Thanks. Excellent points.


The search slowness won’t be down to images (imo) but down to the size of the site (how many “posts” and what data you’re searching for.

There are plugins which can massively improve the search of the site such as Relevanssi (https://wordpress.org/plugins/relevanssi/) which you can use to improve the search by limiting the fields the search function searches e.g. you can stop it searching the page content, ant just the titles etc.

I don’t think it will depend on the theme but on just improving search, if you’re doing enough searches (thousands per day) then there better search systems like Elastic which are expensive but massively improve a websites search functionality.


Thanks, Gareth. I will look into the Relevanssi plugin.

Job searching is based upon predefined tags like: state, industry, degree. These tags are in specific data fields. I believe the scope of searching is limited to those fields (versus looking in lots of content for specific words). My worry is that I may have made entered too much data into some of these. For example the tag “major” has 45 different values (chemistry, chemical engineering, etc).

Anyway, thanks a bunch for your thoughts.