Job Monster Theme

Dear Elite Author,
We have bought NooTheme (Job Monster) for more than 1 year now. We have found some issues always happening with plug in and others as following.

  1. Customize and add some codes as we want and need (It’s made website slow)
  2. We have purchased high speed of hosting package, but, the speed of loading is still running slow.
  3. We installed new plug in ( LiteSpeed Cache) it can make website load faster and speed. But, it show some error codes when we first opening on home page of the website:
    (Note: Error such as; on the banner of left hand side=show big banner, and the right hand side show all error codes of WP customization).
  4. Which plug in that fix and support WP to improve website performance running, loading and fast speed.???
  5. Please help us to fix this error because it affect to our business and other competitors.
    We need solution very soon.


Contact with your purchase item author @NooTheme right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

We have problem for days with button Log in and Register. We update NooTheme last version, but, it’s still stuck and not working. We are felling disappointed. Nothing resolve for NooTheme Author yet

Dear NooTheme Author,
Now, we have problem with upload logo with posting jobs and upload photo with candidate post resume. Can you tell me why this happen? How to fix it.