Help with Job Search website

Hi, I am trying to create a Job Search website using one of two Wordpress themes I purchased through Envato / Themeforest. Jobify or Careerfy.
I have found that Jobify doesn’t have all the functionality I require, but Careerfy whilst appearing to have all the functionality I need is complex to set up, has bugs and the support is very poor.
I have an IT background but haven’t done programming for many years.
I’m looking for someone who has experience with either the Jobify or Careerfy themes and is able to assist with the setup of one or the other. I don’t have much money to spend.
I am hosting on an independent service provider.

You can find approved service providers on

Realistically it’s going to be hard to find people to help for free or especially low cost but envato studio gives you the best choice and official protection

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I am not and have not suggested I am looking for someone to do it for free. I am happy to pay a reasonable amount, but want someone who has experience with Jobify and/or Careerfy. Otherwise I might as well plod along trying to do it myself.

You could always ask the item authors through their profiles and see if you could hire them to help. No one will know it better