Visual Composer Post Grid Images Issue

Hi all,

This is doing my head in! Hopefully somebody here can assist.

I am working on a mock-up at

The front page is made up of post grid elements. As you can see, the images are a bit of whack. What I want to see is the entire image scaled down. What appears to be happening is it is using the full size image, and “Cropping” it to whatever size fits.

I have tried going into the post grid item’s template and manually specifying a size (one as 128x128, one as 260x260). I have set one to use a thumbnail image and the other to use a medium image, set the sizes in Wordpress media settings and regenerated thumbnails. I have set the templates height mode to 1:1 and Original and tested with both of these. No matter what I do, nothing changes - it does not shrink the image down and display the entire image as the thumbnail.