Visual Compsoer - Post Grid and Images

Hi everybody!

Hopefully somebody knows visual composer fairly well and is able to help here.

I am currently building a mockup of a site at

The front page is built with Visual Composer. The problem I am having is the featured images. What I want is to be able to set a size for the featured image, and have the image automatically scale to fit the size. My understanding is changing height mode to “Original” is supposed to do this, but it seems to be cropping the image rather than resizing it.

The other settings I have set are Add Link set to “Post Link”, Use featured image background set to Yes, and image size set to the dimensions i want. I have played with these settings a little, but seem to be getting myself confused. I was hoping somebody might have done thsi before and advise what I need to do.

And yes, I’;m aware this is probably a noob question. But I’m still learning Visual Composer :slight_smile: