Help! How to create preview shots for Template Kit that doesn't get cut off?

My Template Kit doesn’t get thru approval because the preview shots are always cut off.
I’m aware of the WordPress image size limitation of 2560px, however, none of them is taller than that. I’ve made them all 600px wide and the height is set to “auto” - as recommended by the reviewer.

Just in case, I’ve placed:

add_filter( ‘big_image_size_threshold’, 0 );

…to “Hello Elementor” theme’s “functions.php” but it obviously does nothing.

What should I do to have all the template preview images show full-height upon the template kit import?

Please help!

My apologies for the silly question… it took a while to figure all out and here’s the answer - in case anyone else is on the same quest.
Here’s the part of the instructions from the reviewer that caused the confusion:

Your screenshots must be of the entire page - these are displayed on Elements listings and shown when
users click the zoom button in the plugin to view the template design before importing. Tips for getting
the best template thumbnails:

  • Install the Image Size Manager plugin and ensure it is set to Disable Scaling.
  • Scale the viewport to between 1440px and 1200px wide to view your pages
  • screencap the entire layout
  • remove the admin bar if visible
  • Resize the image to 600px wide
  • upload in jpg format to the export screen. It will show you the template scaled to height- don’t worry about that as the import plugin will display it correctly.

Nobody shouldn’t resize the preview image to 600px ever! By doing so, all of the preview images are
automatically cropped to 600x600px, from the center, regardless of the height! All the preview screenshots MUST be at least 601px wide.
That’s the “Template Kit - Export” plugin bug and it took me half a day to figure it out.

As a side note, as of version 1.0.17, “Template Kit - Export” plugin HAS that “WP big image size threshold” already built-in. I had to mention it because there’s another misleading information coming from the reviewer:

Unfortunately your screenshots are still being cut off. This is a WordPress image handling issue that is not covered in our guide because it is a bug we have only recently uncovered while troubleshooting screenshot issues with other authors. A few updates back, WordPress implemented a backend hard-coded limit to image uploads that is capped at 2550px, so any image you upload to the media library that goes over that threshold is auto-scaled to that value and it results in messed up screenshots in the export plugin as the resulting width is usually too small or cropping comes into play based on the media settings. This is truly horrible for anyone that wants to use large vertical images on their websites . The Codecide Image Manager is the most lightweight plugin available for simply and quickly disabling the auto-scaling and can be deactivated as soon as the kit is exported but you can use whatever solution you like - the goal is the screenshots have to be of the entire layout and not pixelated. This is a workaround until we can implement something in the export plugin that takes care of it.

Hope it helps!

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