Virus Envato Market plugin

Hi, i downloaded Envato Market plugin for wordpress on my windows machine. My machine showed it had a virus in the zip file,Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml

The !ml at the end of the virus name suggests that it was detected automatically with machine learning. For that reason it’s almost certain that this is a false positive.

If you want to be safe, you could check your anti-virus for the name of the file inside the archive which triggered the detection. If the file has a .js extension, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, it’s a false positive. If it has a different extension, feel free to post the name here and I can provide further guidance.

In cases where your anti-virus is deleting the file for a false positive, you will need to temporarily disable the anti-virus until you upload it to your website.

The file is file:>envato-market/js/envato-market.js

And the virus name is Trojan:Script/Ulthar.A!ml

Thanks @MindYogi!

Did you download the plugin from the official website at Envato Market WordPress Plugin?

The file in question (envato-market.js) is in fact a JavaScript file and poses no danger to your computer or server, so you’re safe to proceed with the plugin installation. I scanned the file myself with Windows Defender, and ran it through VirusTotal, without any issues, so as long as you downloaded it from the official source above you are completely fine. :+1: