Can't activate the Envato Market plugin


When I click on “activate the envato market plugin”, it brings me to a page saying: Plugin file does not exist.

Please help, thank you

Hello @solutionwebmedia,

Please make sure you download the installable .zip file (not the one from github Download zip button).

Also please make sure you install the plugin in the correct folder. That should be envato-market

All the best!

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Thank you that worked!

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When i download the file there is NO ZIP… even when i click on this link up here… Can you please help me out on this? Driving me insane…

Hello @AixellentAlexia

The link mentioned above:

is the direct link to the .zip file.

What browser are you using? If you right-click the link above, you should see a menu item similar to “Save link as…” which downloads the zip.

What error are you getting when you click the link?
Are you using a firewall on your computer?

Thank you for your super quick reply! I don’t get an error message, there’s just no ZIP file… This is what i get. I know i’m doing something wrong…

Alexia Struye

You’re welcome!
But is very hard to tell from the screenshot, it is a small image, I can’t see exactly what is there :frowning:

Maybe the .zip is downloaded in another folder?