Virtual Currency and Shop

I am looking to implement s system similar to what you have in Xenforo forums
1 Users earn virtual currency for using the websites
2 Users can transfer virtual currency
3 Users can buy virtual goods decided by me

I am looking to implement something similar but for a blog, so users earn points for sharing posts, commenting etc
MyCred seems capable of doing most things except for the shop to purchase virtual goods
I do not plan to have users spend real money

I believe it’s not possible as a ready-to-use themes. You will probably need to invest some serious money for it. In case of interest, you can contact me and we can discuss the details for “paid” work

MyCred supports thta with WooCommerce else, you do not need to hire someone for something that exists free.

but I might need to hire you to set it up
How much would that cost?

Hello ,

That can be made but not out of box solution.
Can you explain this ? Users can transfer virtual currency

You can contact me over PM and I can give you my offer . I will need more details how will users earn money?


Its a feature on this forum