Looking for Woocommerce currency plugin




Does anyone know if there is a Woocommerce plugin available that will allow for virtual currency (credits) to be used instead of real currency?

Just wondering if I can buy an off-the-rack product or if I need a developer for this.

Thanks for any help,
Jay P.


@ jbperkins
I have been looking for this kind of plugin everywhere, and i have finish developing one, because i didn’t found anything good.

This plugin has:
— a double credit currency that you can set for virtual products (bundles). Its possible to have just one credit currency (the second one gives in here additional services) .
— and a bridge with Pinpoint Booking system Pro to book with those credits available slots in a calendar view. It’s possible also to unset all code for this feature.

So customer can buy bundle (degressive products packs) that give him credits. Then with those credits he can book available slots in the calendar view of Booking System Pro.

If you can give us here more details about what are your needs.



Do you have that plugin for sale or available somehow?
Sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.



@rezzza Hello,

Yes it is, depending on your project and budget.
This plugin has to be re-adapted in some ways to feet your project needs.
Could you give us more details about your project…
Please contact us using this form: https://www.co-oking.be/nl/booking-credit-system/

Best regards