The best WooCommerce Plugins for hiring / renting products

Hi, I am looking to you guys in case you know of any great plugins that I haven’t found. I have been working on a website that required the ability to hire products, and I thought this would be straight forward, live and learn right? I am aware of the Woocommerce own ‘bookings’ plugins, which seemed like the answer initially, and have also tried the R n’ B plugin available on envato marketplace. So, really I am looking for any great plugins besides those. The main problem is that my client deals with bulk crate hire i.e., hire 50 boxes at a time and not like car hire, where it is one product per transaction. This seems to be where most current plugins come unstuck.

I have been reaching out to a developer, but they have so far not come back to me, I just wanted to pick your brains.

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Hey @FASMedia,

As you’ve mentioned, the RNB Plugin here:

Is probably the most popular that we stock. By the sounds of it the “tweak” you’re looking to make is actually relatively minor, you could start with the RnB plugin as a base and then get someone like @ki-themes (who offers his customisation services on Envato Studio to modify the plugin so that it incorporates the bulk hire features that you need .

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Thanks very much for getting back to me, I will get in touch them if the current developer falls through. I just wondered if anyone knew of any that I didn’t. I know the market isn’t huge, but I’m sure there’s a market for it, like events and party planners etc., hiring chairs and plates etc. ah well. thanks again :slight_smile:

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What plugin did you end up choosing?
I’ve got a complicated equipment rental issue to solve too.