About Cryptrocurrency

Please i want someone to tell me if cryptro currency theme comes with users dashboard to trade

You’d need to be more specific about which item you mean but 99.9% certain that it will not because this sounds like a WordPress theme and not a compete trading platform (which would be tens of thousands of $ to build).

Hello good day,
Please did cryptro currency theme on envato comes with users dashboard?
why i asked is that i came across a website built on that same theme, and the site has a dashboard where users can trade and interact, make payment and other…if yes i think i need to purchase it too.

presumably you mean this one https://themeforest.net/item/cryptro-cryptocurrency-blockchain-bitcoin-financial-technology-theme/21720716

You should ask the author using the item comments.

Again I am 99.9% sure it doesn’t have that feature as that would be tens of thousands of to build **and** if actually providing transactions then would requires hosting and security that would be hundreds if not thousands of a month and be financially regulated (you will need this too unless you whitelabel an estabished third-party platform)

thank you

Thanks I really appreciate