VideoHive: Weekly Submission Limit didn't reset..

So I submitted my 10 allowed videohive clips this week. I checked the uploader last night which stated that the limit would reset on November 25th at 12:00am. I log in today to submit 10 more clips, however it shows I have zero submissions remaining and now says it won’t reset until December 2nd at 12:00am.

Clearly the weekly timer reset, but it didn’t add 10 more submissions on my account. So I can’t submit anything during this new week… please advise…



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum take a look on this post if it will helpful for you.


Thanks, but that doesn’t address my issue. I understand I have a 10 clip limit each week. The issue is that it is now a new week, but my account says “0 submissions remaining” and I can’t submit any clips still. (Even though it is a new week.)


I think this is best way Open a support ticket

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