how many video footages I can upload weekly?

Hello, I have uploaded some videos yestarday, but today its wrote me: " All Envato stock video authors have upload limits applied. As space is limited, increase your chance of approval by uploading your best stock video content. Upload limits are set to a weekly timeframe and reset on Sunday December 2 at 12:00 am . How much I can submit every week? Thanks


Here is videohive uploading permission changing announcement

Here is videohive uploading time

I think both link are helpful for you.

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Thanks, I will check

I have checked, but can’t find an unswer. I mean " how many video footages I can upload weekly?"


Take a look on this article

there is only limit on themeforest & audio jungle there is no other platform details.
I think you can upload what you want no limited .

I have limit

then this is the limitation.
videohive reviewer team reduce their review time. That’s why they keep limitation.
Now you got it well :+1:

That’s what I am asking for :smiley: I’m interesting how many video I can upload per week, thats all


Now it’s depending on your uploading & return item with feedback from reviewer.
Suppose you upload 5 item in a day if they return all item it to you next day then you can upload another total around 35.

It’s true that your screenshot say can’t keep more than 5 item in your queue.

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