I can't upload video in videohive

I can’t upload video in videohive. I did 5-6 installs and then he stated that I had an upload quota. After 10 days, I would be able to upload. Isn’t it too little to upload 5-6 videos in 10 days? how can i fix this?

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That is because they want quality, not quantity, and other than that depends on how many of those uploaded videos gets approved for sale. If they see you upload quality videos, then numbers go up, if you have many rejections, then number of videos you can upload can go down, and even option to upload can be disconnected. Therefore focus on creating quality videos that will pass review and that will sell. Choose topics based on what is wanted, check on your dashboard what customers search for, make unique videos, and avoid oversaturated categories. I hope this helps.

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All the videos I uploaded were accepted. However, the new upload date was 27 August at 12:00. When this time period expired, the reload time was changed to September 3, 12:00. This is bullshit. Why does such a platform exist if it will not allow video uploading, if it will constantly change time?

It has allowed me to upload only one times ( 5 video) videos so far. It keeps changing the date for the new upload date. There must be a solution for this

They want quality that sells, therefore how many videos they allow to upload depends on author approval ratio and revenue. After your videos are accepted and approved, those have to sell well too. You can read more about upload limits here. The solution is to promote videos and to have more sales, continue uploading quality that will be approved every time and also sells well, to get the opportunity to upload more.

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