VideoHive Logo Sting After Effects extending



Hi everyone,

I bought a Logo Sting with a 6,5 second duration where some particles fly around and turn into a logo. I’ve watched the video tutorial on how to put in the logo and/or change the particles colour etc.

The problem occurred when I put in the audio I am using for the Logo Sting video. The audio’s duration is around 8 seconds but the Template I bought is 6.5 seconds. So I am trying to drag/extend the time so the particles fly a little bit slower and finish in the same time-frame as my audio, both in sync so to say.

I’ve watched dozens of video tutorials on how to extend videos/effects in Adobe After Effects but none of them solved the problem. The logo itself stays on screen for the full 8 seconds but the particle effect duration is the same and doesn’t get extended (it’s a .mov file with effects attached to it), also I cant find these so called Keyframes when pressing “U” which a lot of these tutorials talk about in dragging in the time-frame.

Any help or a push into the right direction is appreciated.



Hi Robert, the fastest approach is if you can create new composition, drag’n drop existing main composition in it. Right mouse click in timeline on the composition that you dragged and adjust the speed of composition. Keyframes should be fine, no need to worry about them. It sound a little complicated but it takes only 1 minute.

You can cut the same composition, duplicate it few times and repeat the same step on copies.