Can the Logo Stings be shortened and the audio changed?

Hello all,

When you purchase a Logo Sting:

  • Can the duration be shortened or is it fixed?

  • Can the user change the audio track and use something else?


Usually a logo sting is fixed to the length it was made at. Perhaps if you have some editing knowledge, you can find a way to shorten it.

Typically the audio isn’t even included with the logo sting and can be purchased elsewhere, so check to see what the item says about this. In the vast majority of logo stings the audio is very easy to replace/remove.

Keep in mind that to use these logo stings at all, you’ll likely need Adobe After Effects or Premier Pro, plus there may be some additional plugins that you’ll need to purchase/download. The item descrption/details will tell you exactly what you’ll need. Even if you have these things, you’ll still need at least basic to moderate knowledge of how to use the programs to be able to make the necessary adjustments to the logo sting.

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Thank you so much for your answers to my two questions/posts :slight_smile: That’s great to know.

Can I just ask, in logo stings where there is an animated graphic, is one stuck with that? i.e. here:

The metallic ball that comes at you – does that remain or could that be replaced by the text for instance (brand name)?

@JinanC By default you are only supposed to insert your logo and change the colors and text of such projects. But if you know how to use the program a bit more in depth, yes you could remove the ball and replace it with something else like a text. Unless the project structure is such that everything is “stuck” together, and not in separate peaces. Usually it should be in separate peaces, but you can’t know for sure before messaging the author.

So if you intend to remove some graphics from the project which you plan to purchase I would advise you to first message the projects author in regard if those things could be removed, or maybe even the author will agree to make these changes for you (probably for extra compensation though :smiley: )