Video dubbing license

I’m a freelancer and bought Presentation With Albert: Senior Doctor, developed a training video, charged for my work and the client will show his video for free.

The client who dubs the video in another language. Do I have to buy a new license for this dub?


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Hello @jaimelsdiaz

No, you should be ok with one license as long as your client doesn’t make other changes to the video.

" What are allowed variations of a single application?

In addition to a series, allowed variations of an end product that are still considered a single application include:

  • Translations - the same end product simply translated into a different language (e.g. alternate text or alternate voiceover)
  • Cut-downs - a shortened version of an end product where no new content has been added (e.g. a 15 second “teaser” version of a film trailer)
  • Tag changes - minor revisions to text or content (e.g. changing “Coming Soon” to “Now Showing”) "

You can read more about licenses here:

It will be okay with the regular license until or unless the author makes any change

As @MrsEnabled specified in such detail please follow her instructions to have better for yourself

Thank you, your answer helped me a lot

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