VictorThemes' Riffel template isn't well designed

I paid for Envato Elements especially to get a template called Riffel from VictorThemes and the reality I have encountered is very different from what they promise. They promise a series of ready-made templates to choose from and customize, but I don’t know if it is because it is very outdated or why, but when you choose one of those templates, nothing is as they say, especially everything related to the portfolio. As much as you choose the options they give, the portfolios are not shown as in the Live Demo they show. And that is another issue, the documentation that they have on their website regarding this template is very very brief, there are lots of aspects that you have to discover by fiddling around, that for those who know something about Wordpress without problem, but if you know more well little, you have a problem.

Has anyone used this template and can it help me? The portfolio part has me crazy. Thanks in advance.



I saw same question and customer on our support centre. Replied.

Good morning, @VictorThemes
As I have purchased the template through my Envato subscription, I am going to choose to go over my problems with the template around here and do so correctly.

Unfortunately, I still have the same problems. Not even installing the portfolio demo, it works correctly. Not even taking one of the created examples and substituting the images. At the moment I make a change of image, it is either no longer seen in the portfolio or it looks but not as it should. I have tried to create different versions of the image, even respecting the sizes that you propose in the test portfolios, and nothing.

I am coming to the conclusion that it is not a real Masonry, but a grid that allows you to combine normal cells with cells twice their size by width or height, but IT SEEMS that you cannot add an image of any size and the rest to fit flexibly.

In addition, the same thing happens within each portfolio tab, it does not work well, the images are put in maximum size and when you click on it it looks smaller (just the opposite of how it should be) and they are aligned to the right one after others without space. I implemented the notes they gave me by email, but they still have no effect.

On the other hand, the main menu is not vertically aligned with the logo you put on it. In order for it to align well, you must manually add 15px of margin-top. In addition, the menu is compressed by default and for now I have not found a way to make it appear directly displayed as it seemed to be the case with your example portfolio.

You tell me by email that no client has had problems with your template, so the possibility that I have some kind of problem with the installation is feasible, but it is strange because I have carried out a clean installation of Wordpress with your template from the beginning. And at least for now, I am not going to buy your template separately for now because I already paid for my subscription on Envato Elements and it would not seem fair to pay again, as a customer I hope that from the beginning what I buy here works well and I do not know you can reproach things like “you haven’t bought the template on our website”, because then … why is it offered here? What is certain is that the conditions say that Envato Elements does not include assistance.

However, I fully understand your part, so since this forum is the intermediate point where we can find ourselves, I hope we can do it and find the solution to these problems, because I really really like your template a lot ^^

Regards, and thank you very much.

Hi @Ser_Capini,

I understood your point, you do not need to purchase it again separately.

Without seeing any problem on our website and customer’s website, how we can able to predict the issue.

Share your website URL and temporary login credentials?

We’ll check and let you know the solution.

@VictorThemes Of course!! I tried deleting wordpress from my server and installing everything from scratch this time with Fraxos, but I still have similar problems. The Masonry style portfolio doesn’t work as such and in the mobile version it puts some strange paddings. And most importantly, there is no way you can do it for sizes that go beyond the one proposed by the template. Either I make images of that exact size, or it doesn’t detect it and I get a default image (and that is a problem, because most of the images I want to upload are posters).

How do I send the user and what rank do I put? Thank you very very much ^^


Support ticket link:

Or use

Thank you.

@VictorThemes Good Morning. I’m trying to create a user for you with certain permissions, quite a few, but for some reason that I don’t understand when I test the user and log in, the wordpress desktop doesn’t appear, it detects it as a web user and that’s it, despite having editing permissions activated and many other things. I will continue testing and if I find the problem I will notify you.

Greetings and thank you.