item feedback for brosia template

i uploaded a template but it was rejected by themeforest.can anyone suggest me about what is main problem in my template.really appreciate the help.thank you.Here is the demo link:

With all due respect you need to forget this - familiarize yourself with the necessary quality for TF - start a fresh

  • All fundamentals like typography, spacing, layouts are way way off

  • you’ve got responsive CSS (should be using that many stylesheets) but it doesn’t work on a phone

  • Images are pixelated

  • design is too simple, outdated and lacks features etc. for a premium marketplace

can u describe the meaning of Images are pixelated ?

All portfolio thumbnails are stretch and pixelated as a result

didnt get it.can u be more specific about what to do ??? thnx

Start by investing in proper hosting - having it on Google Drive makes it look horrific on a phone.

With all due respect the best advice is forget this file and start something different - everything without exception needs changing here plus the v-card concept is quite out dated

its a wedding template. i havent submitted yet. can u check that please ?