Using PHP in the Javascript category

Hello everybody!
My JavaScript plug-in uses small PHP script.
It was soft rejected because “Items that require PHP should be submitted to the PHP Scripts category”.
I looked at a few items in the JavaScript category. Some of them include PHP files.
So, my question is: if use of PHP in the JavaScript category is really not allowed?
This is my first attempt in JavaScript category. Can I somewhere read the requirements for JavaScript items?

The JavaScript category is for pure JavaScript items. If there are items in there with .php scripts, either it’s optional or they shouldn’t be there (got in by accident?).

You should upload your item to the PHP scripts category as per the reviewer, or make the item work without PHP.

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Thanks for your reply!
Suppose I decided to change the category. Should I delete the current hidden item and submit a new item OR there is a simpler solution?

edit the item and change the category

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Editing page contains no option to change category. That’s why I ask if there is better solution than “delete and resubmit”.

My Swift Box plugin has got a single php file required by Twitter.

However it is a single file and is not essential for the plugin to work.

If your product relies on that php file, then Javascript isn’t the correct section


Many thanks to all! I got the answer to the main question.
BTW, my item is approved: