Using Impact with google ads


Hey all,

Ive had trouble setting up google ads with impact, namely the url miss match. Is there a tutorial somewhere for setting up impact google ads?



Incredible that nobody has replied to this yet. This is a true pain in the a** as the impact link is a forwarder which Google Ad would never accept, which means that it’s impossible to recuperate some of the marketing cost using impact or any affiliate system.

Since the tracking is a PRE-forward it is not possible to use the resulting URL (something like this: -> like it was before when affiliation was run by simply adding a referral user-id at the and of a envato market URL.

I will contact impact radius help and ask them if there is a workaround that is compatible with Googles Ad policies.


Hey @digitalproducts669,
We have affiliates that run google ads (not using envato brand terms or direct linking) that use Impact links with no issues. If you use the longer version (not short links) there should be no issue.
Feel free to double check with Impact though.



Hi @emile_b , thanks for your response. Can you give me an example of the longer version? Is it this one:

… and if so would that still “report back” to impact about the click?


Yes on both fronts :+1:
That is the longer version
and yes the click/conversion will be reported via Impact