Google Ads with Impact Links? How?

From what I’ve read, this seems to be an issue with Google Ads, because of the redirection.

I’ve read some older topics here in this forum saying to use Long Links (not the short ones), but I’m not able to find a way to create long links in the Impact app.

What’s the solution?

yes its possible, you need to put the link like this.

I have read in other topics and the @emile_b answer yes you can add this link and impact count this affiliate.

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I tried it like this and I think it works because yesterday I had 1 sale from Ads + 1 payout in Impact

This is not working and my sales got marked as “exceeded action cap”, “tracked but not approved” !

hi i have the same issue please help about Exceeded Action Cap

I faced the same problem in December , I myself do not understand much about it, but my brother who is engaged in SEO helped me with my small business after I tried to solve this problem myself, with the help of tips from the Internet, including the method described by the guy above - I obviously did not succeed, and I do not know why ( apparently I just did something wrong)
My brother recommended me to seo newcastle who helped me, and I didn’t have to waste my nerves as I already spent too much of them, lol. I do not know for what reason I could not do it myself, but the promotion works, and the links also work, and this is the most important thing :slight_smile:

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Just to let everyone reading this know, my previous message was incorrect. “Tracked but not approved” sales eventually get approved - it’s a matter of time. We have been receiving payments as expected without issues.

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