Use of Fonts from Envato on Corjl


I’m sure this has been asked before, but I cannot seem to find a thread on the topic.

My wife operates an online party stationary site (all designed/ made by her) and she has a Devil of a time of sourcing good fonts for her party invites and banners. I’ve suggested Envato (I use it for my marketing consulting and LOVE IT!), but a reading of the license terms seem to prohibit this use?

If my wife ONLY sells through Etsy, and the customer has to tell her what the invite should say, it seems we are in compliance to use an Envato font to make the needed changes to the invite template and then send them an uneditable pdf to print. But if we allow the same customer to make the change directly on a Corjl template… my reading is that runs afoul of the terms? Can this really be right?

Thanks in advance!

Assuming Corji is an on demand service where buyers customise products to their needs then, no, you cannot use the fonts for this as it would require a new purchase/license for each customer/project