Can I give my client the fonts I download for their branding on Envato Elements?

Hello there!

I am designing the whole branding for a very small theatre festival in France. It’s actually small theatre companies that are building the Festival Ribambelle and the first edition is to come by October 2022.

I am researching fonts they can use for their social media posts and potential future website. I would like to know if I could just give them the fonts that I am to download from Envato Elements with my student subscription?

And if I can, what should we put in the contract I have with them? Another thing I should mention (because I read somewhere in this forum that the client needs to download the licence themselves here), I am a part of the association I am doing the branding for (in the committee) if that was to change anything.

Thank you for your help!


No you cannot give it and you need to uninstall the font when you are not subscribed

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Hey, okay! I should find other nice free fonts elsewhere, I think
Thank you very much for the quick answer! :innocent:

The only alternative is to buy the full font on graphicriver but you still can’t distribute it so it would need to be the client/organisation who buys it not you.

Personally I think you will find it easier to get a nice free font if you want to distribute the artwork files

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Thank you for the tip, you’re very kind! Unfortunately I don’t think they have much money to invest in fonts, plus the festival is 100% free to the public so they don’t have any income to pay for this kind of stuff yet

See you! :innocent: