Usage of gulp/grunt in html site templates

Hey fellas,

I am developing a coming soon and i wonder if i use gulp/grunt for compiling sass, running cleanups, images optimization, would it be a problem during approval process? Or should i use codekit software commercially available for 34$ ?

I am curious of your comments.


Any techniques like sass, less, jade, grunt/gulp is just a value added to your end buyers.
You can use whatever you want as long as the uploaded package includes the necessary files for a working html site template such as html, css, js…(invest by buying some from the market and learn from them).

Sorry micheal, i was busy with trying to sell my motorcycle for capital for my future theme development. Actually its all open source and i hope there will be higher threshold of knowledge for buyers for them to edit Sass files.I quite didnt like what codekit does as job and its sold as 39 $ and its not so nice my buyers to buy any software.

But im tedious about preparing: Do you explain how to download/install npm files or any command line stuff in documantations?