[Suggestion] View author's files before download

@Mods: I apologize, there’s no “Site Feedback” section like the previous community so this is a best-effort attempt. Please move as necessary;

As I browse through the templates, I’m in a place now where I look for specific things from a project; One of those is their use of npm/(grunt/gulp)/bower. Some of these authors advertise they do so, but then you get into the project and they don’t use it based on best practices. Unfortunately, you don’t find out until you’ve already purchased the theme.

I’d like to suggest a “file browser” (or, at the very least an infrastructure viewer). You can usually tell how a project is used based on minimal overview of the files. (e.g. is there a project.json, gruntfile.js/gulpfile.js, bower.json? are files organized in a dev/prod? if so, does dev contains scss/less and prod contains css/min.css? etc.) Basically, some things I believe to be helpful (and may even be able to be leveraged by your internal systems). From the perspective of someone that uses this templates in “real world” implementations, these are tools that would be hugely beneficial if already preset, and also persuade developers to follow module/best practice methodologies. There’s nothing worse than getting a theme that has one “app.js” file with nothing broken down and forcing you to refactor it so every page isn’t “heavy” (e.g. don’t need the X, Y & Z module on the home page).

In short, I’d like to see:

  1. File/Hierarchy viewer–let me see project structure. If I see one JS file, I’m weary. If I see scripts broken down into modules I’m a lot more excited to give it a try.
  2. “Benign” file viewer–Be able to open project.json, gruntfile.js, gulpfule.js; anything that wouldn’t result in releasing an author’s work directly without payment, but could provide insight into how well the project’s designed.
  3. If/when a project.json is present, TF could extract project name, description and version from it.