Is SASS a good idea for average customers of HTML templates?

As the titles says, i’m wondering if including SASS files on HTML templates is a good idea for the average users of Themeforest. I’ve included them on my latest template, and have got a couple of customers doubts regarding the confussion between the provided css/sass files on the pack. I’ve placed a readme file to clarify which files to use (or even delete) if they don’t use SASS, but i’ve the feeling that include SASS (scss folder, plus the ruby config file) has not been the good idea i expected when i published it.

Any experience from other authors regarding this?
Should i remove the SASS on future updates to avoid user confussions (in most of the cases)?


There are some advance customers which may use SASS files, I always include it with my template/themes and have not encountered any such issue.

Thanks for the reference. Guess i haven’t been lucky with my first customers. Maybe i can include the sass apart from the template folder, so advance users can place it in case they use it.