Uploaded WordPress theme for the approval, what do you think....

Few days ago i uploaded the WordPress theme for the approval, what do you think about the item… will it get approved or rejected.

WordPress Theme URL: http://demo.wpsmartapps.com/themes/manual/

I am waiting for your valuable feedback.


URL isn’t working. Should be http://bit.ly/1ARxOFc

Thanks for the Correction.

Saw you got so many themes approved and sales are also booming… so can you please advice or give some suggestion for the wordpress theme that i have upload.


Never a huge fan of PT sans font, but overall looks good to me. The icons also seem a bit large to me.

One thing I noticed is there’s a horizontal scrollbar on the dropdown nav that could use an overflow:hidden property:

Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback. Just enhance theme to the next level hope the review team going to like it.

Nice work @pixelacehq header and content looks awesome but I must say footer and “Something Interesting” section still need little make over. Best of luck for results :smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I will try to make little make over for the footer section.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Any more feedback.

You need to improve typography, usage of images - overall a better color+design theme. And add more elements + sections with hover, grid loading effects as theme looks short. Also do a new logo. Good luck.

Thanks for your valuable feedback.