Upload Preview Video Problem


I just prepared some motion graphics in square resolutions like 3000x3000, 4000x4000 etc. Those files also have Alpha Mattes. Now, thanks to videohive’s seperate Alpha rule we are not able to attach Alpha Matte to the end of original file. (like the one who know how to use Alpha Matte couldnt know how to cut single video) This forces us to zip two files and upload them, then upload preview video, image etc.

Problem is that when i upload preview video, after uploading it just stucks in processing like forever. When i refresh page a moment later video will be there but there is no preview image, no thumbnail etc… Those videos are special fx, etc and cant be contained in standard resolutions. Somehow i managed to pass through processing and submitted one or two items. I have two questions about this problem :

1 - This seperate alpha rule, is it depends on author or reviewer? Because i still see some files (new ones) with alpha matte attached to end of it. Are we really not allowed to connect videos? Because if we able to connect them it could be very easy for us, we wouldnt have to add unnecessary details like framerate, resolution, codes etc. since uploader already recognizes all of them and had no problem with previews. Otherwise is very counterproductive.

2 - If not what is the solution for my preview problem?

I m honored with 33 views but its not a novel its just a bunch of paragraphs and questions. Is there any moderator or admin to reply?

If you can, convert your file to ProRes4444 format and they will be processed OK. I upload my video files with ALPHA channel in this format.