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Hello everyone! What you need to do to deserve an increase in the download limit for the “music” category. I really hoped that from January 2021 I would be given the opportunity to download at least 5 themes (in December 2020, according to my limits, 2 themes per month in the “music” category were approved and now a new month has come, but the limits have remained the same). It seems to me that this is too harsh conditions for 2 topics per month and the most annoying thing is that the download limits are reset only at the beginning of the next month. It turns out that I downloaded two themes on the first day of the current month and wait all 30 or 31 days for the next month to start. Then it doesn’t matter how long the approval lasts 2 days, 19 days or 30. How to develop further with such conditions?

Your upload limit is based on your approval/rejection ratio computed over your 20 most recent submissions. Your approval rating must exceed 70% in order to be allowed more than 2 submissions per month.

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Wrong answer. I don’t need standard answers. I asked a specific question - what do I need to do to increase the download limit? I do not understand the logic of your conditions! The math is very simple - I’m only allowed to upload two themes per month. Let’s say I have uploaded two topics and they are approved it is 100%, if not approved it is 0%, if one topic is approved and the second is not approved it is 50%. The question is - how can I reach 70% if I only have two topics allowed?

Maybe this one likes you;
Upload 20 tracks and if you have 70% of approval you can increase the upload limit.

It’s funny! It takes me ten months to load 20 tracks, almost a year!

I wrote above that I uploaded 2 tracks in the “music” category last month and they were approved, but nothing has changed in the new month, I still have the same limit of 2 tracks … Therefore, I ask as from 2 tracks to make 70% because it’s simply impossible !!!

Yeah I’m guessing that’s because you have previous rejections that are still counting against your total.

The average is over your last 20 tracks which includes not just the 2 you uploaded this month but all the ones on your page, plus any rejections you might have had during that time.

Not saying I agree or disagree with the system (I just joined here very recently, still learning how things work) but I think that is the most likely explanation.

Yes, there are previously rejected tracks. Therefore, Manriquedelara wrote that in order to align the tracks that were deflected earlier, you need to load 20 tracks for a whole year to get 70%. Funny and sad! The one who came up with such rules does not understand how it works !!!

They understand exactly how it works.

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Naturally they know, but only in favor of those who have a high status, and those who are just trying to achieve such an experience are cut off oxygen. I see no other explanation. In the meantime, my beard grows from expectation. I do not consider myself a super composer, but I want to strive for this and raise my creative level. But until I reach it I will be quite old. This is a joke ! Thanks to everyone who answered my question. This topic can be closed. Good luck to everyone and quick sales!