Download limit 2 themes

When will this limit be canceled !!!
I am not satisfied with the two themes per month upload limit rules. It’s humiliating ! I have not been able to break out of these restrictions for several months now. I upload two tracks at the beginning of the month, they are checked after a week - one track is skipped, and the second one is necessarily and fundamentally not skipped, no matter how hard I try. I realized that this was done on purpose, so that I would not have the opportunity to fully work and earn money! I have to wait a whole month to fill my portfolio with one topic ?! How many years do YOU ​​think I need to spend to download at least 100 tracks? That’s right - 10 years! And I don’t have such a physical opportunity to wait 10 years! I have no support for my creativity!
A good compromise is downloading five themes per month! But I probably can’t wait for this!

@CHANDRSTUDIO I do not hink, they will cancel that rule - and this for some good reasons.
Imagine, you have in the best case the opportunity to upload the full amount of 30 tracks per month. That means, that our reviewers need to check that 30 items, which is a lot of effort and time. At your actual state, 50% of your tracks do not fulfill the quality standards. That means not only, that this work was in vain for your portfolio here, it’s also in vain spent effort for the reviewers. And this has a huge impact to the approval time for all authors here If you come to a point to get more than 50% of your work approved and you can hold his quality level for a longer time, then you’re able to upload more items per month.
You mean, that five items would be fair, AJ means, two items are fair. other authors mean 6 items or 7 or 10. You will never find the right amount.

I miss old times when queued was 33 days… :joy:

Well if you don’t want to “waste your time” , I suggest to go non exclusive and to upload your reject work on other site.
Aj is not the only one place which exist and not the only one which could be reliable. See it as a whole. Each website contribute to your main earning.

Experience is different for each one of us, I faced lot of hard reject in my beginning, but the fact my work was accepted in other place and start to sell allow me to keep to work, I stayed motivated, I had delete all the bad track I made in first few month ago (and I finally understand why it was rejected) and now I’m no more rejected (well it’s still happen from time to time) and I’m even able to delete track that I found bad on my Aj portfolio too :slight_smile:

In any case, stock music is a long long long term work, you need to have lot of patience especially in these hard time, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible !

Good luck !

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So the whole problem is that the reviewers are not doing their job? So let’s make their work even easier - we will leave only the elite authors, and send everyone else on an indefinite leave …

That’s exactly what I did. I was an exclusive author and now I had to give up exclusivity in order to develop my creativity further. But I am very sorry that I am wasting time here!

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You are not wasting your time, but this is not reliable at all to wait they make you step up your upload limit, your work has to be alive. Each work you release will lead to another idea etc etc, and then at moment you will keep to step up and AJ will take your work.
If I were you I would prefer to spend more time on advertising my stuff, link them with site where I am fully in first, and just see AJ as a second (or third or even more) source of income, see what’s sell and what’s not and later all the time you had already invest in other stock agency and on your craft will help you on Aj.

… but how can you advertise your work on AJ ?

YouTube, Soundcloud , tweeter , Facebook or whatever :slight_smile: I’m not saying it’s work easily like that but it will put you under a certain way of working, being steady focus etc.

I know all these methods, thanks. We’ll have to wait at least 10 years. :rofl:There is no other way out!

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No need to wait 10 years, don’t be afraid of that, just keep to work and upload as many as possible :slight_smile: AJ is just one part of the process !
Good luck with your quest :blush:

Thank you for the positive. Good luck and fast sales! :handshake:

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Oh, I think you misunderstood me. The reviewers do their job - every day.
AJ has recognized a trend over the last year(s). Many new authors have joined AJ, all with the same unlimited upload opportunites. In addition (that’s what I guess), there was an overall trend of decreasing quality.
In the result the reviewers got flooded with new items, many in low quality. Following the review times for uploaded items increased to insane levels.
Unfortunately AJ has not yet implemented a portfolio pre check for new authors, who want to join the platfom. This is a common solution on other platforms to filter out authors, who do not fulfill the quality expectations on commercial music. In the following, these “filter works” were relocated to the reviewers.
To solve this problem, AJ has chosen the upload limit rule. If you upload high quality items with a high chance for coming sales and if you’re able to hold this quality level, then this is a sign that the reviewers will not waste the time with rejections in the future.
Imagine, they would approve items with low quality and a low chance for sales! No one wants to buy this. And it would help nobody to have an approved portfolio with unsellable items.

Remember: This upload rule is valid for EVERY author here on AJ. If I’m uploading 6 items per month, and 4 of them were rejected, then I will be also affected by this upload limit rule for the next month.

I got put in the 2 upload limit restriction last year in December. I crawled out of it since this month. I was patient and worked hard and I’m happy that these restrictions are in place because it de-clutters the marketplace.
Complaining is futile. I got in touch with support a couple of times and they were helpful and told me the current status of my approval limit each time.
Good luck.

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Thanks for the support. Probably after my serious illness I became weak and impatient. I will try to make quality themes. Good luck everyone !