Updates to the File Uploader

Nice! There have been som uploading issues with bigger files, at least at AJ. If zip files are bigger than 100 MB or so it seems to freeze and you need to use a ftp server instead. I’ve seen many authors report the same problem. Is this something that will be fixed as well?

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Excellent news!
I produce 360 VR and flash has been phased out, but it was 5 or 6 years ago !
It is about time :slight_smile:

Great news! :sunglasses:
It would be great if you made a video tutorial “how to upload an item”. After changing the upload method in the “Motion Graphics” category, many authors had problems with this, and the forum was swamped with questions on this theme :thinking:

Hi all,

I have a couple of answers from the team for you!

No, the work on the new uploader was done in isolation from the Flash uploader. This problem is likely related to Chrome Flash support.

The focus was not on solving this issue, but in saying that, the new uploader has been tested with larger zip files and no problems were experienced. Obviously there can be differences between our environment and the author environment, so please let us know if you come across any issues!

Unfortunately we don’t have a video for this process yet, but we do have a few help centre articles that give you some advice, such as this one: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000555786-VideoHive-General-File-Preparation-Guidelines
and this one, which will hopefully be helpful:


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This is a good news! For past two months i had troubles with uploading music kits and music packs. ftp helped me but that was a little bit annoying.

I uploaded an elements pack yesterday to the “Motion Graphics” category, using the new uploading system for the first time. To be honest, I was disappointed :hushed: I was shocked when I`ve found out the system automatically applies the watermark on my video preview. And there is no way to turn the watermark off. I understand that this is a protection, because someone can download and use the preview for free.
But in my case this is not a ready video that someone can steal by downloading a preview. This is a presentation of the elements that are on the alpha channel. So video previews cannot be stolen and used. Therefore, I do not need the watermark. It makes the presentation unattractive, and hinders a lot to view the elements presented in the video. By the way, I placed the words “All rights reserved © romlam …” at the bottom of the video throughout the video.
When I downloaded a similar Motion Graphics Pack last time (with the old uploading system), the watermark did not automatically apply.
I have been doing a presentation for a long time to make it look delightfull. But this system spoils the whole presentation in 10 seconds :frowning:
It would be greatfull, if you leave the users with the choice: to use the watermark or not
:slightly_smiling_face: :crossed_fingers:


Fine! I hope now there will be no problems with downloading files larger than 100 MB.

I’m having the same problem, I can not upload my first project, crash at 6%. I changed the internet browser, but the problem persists.

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Use FTP uploading, there is a link to a help page right at the upload page.


By the way, here is another bug that worries me. The new loading system spoils the quality of the Preview Image. Especially red areas of an Image.
In the attached image you can see the quality of the image I uploaded using the old uploading system, and the quality of the image I uploaded using the new uploading system. As you can see, the new system’s technical bugs need to be corrected. I hope you fix it. :relieved::pray:


Could you give any time frame for when this is going to be available on all marketplaces? It’s really annoying having to allow Flash to run every single time. Thank you.

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Hi @romlam, while this is not directly related to the replacement of the flash uploader, it has been passed onto the team as a more general Author Platform quality issue which they will be looking into. Thanks for letting us know!

Hi @codefir, with all going well the team hope to complete the rollout within the next two weeks!

Thank you for your concern :+1:

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Similar situation with my extreme project

I am using ftp but now I can use it in the browser.
I hope you get the update for “max file size for upload”.

Just tested it!
Works great!
Thank you Envato!

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Hey Envato(@steve_lam), you guys fix your tutorial on how to connect to the ftp to the actual ftp host.

https://author.envato.com/upload/videos/ftp says you need to connect to host: ftp.author.envato.com but it is actually ftp.marketplace.envato.com

Thanks for the comment @butlerm, I’ll follow this up with the correct team :slight_smile: