Updated the monitoring total sales values ... is changed, why ?



This morning, updated the monitoring page of gains, total sales values … and is changed, why?

Thanks to anyone who can help :slight_smile:

Why is the Earning Page changed?
What happened to the window "Sales Earnings"?
Where to check "Total value of my items sales"
Dashboard Plus - Envato sales browser extension
Where I can see how much I earned ?

The numbers were causing some confusion with the numbers in the Earnings page graphs (as they are calculated differently). :smiley:


Thanks KingDog,

But, the tab back, updated? Or removed permanently?
My total sales to reach the next badges, where I follow?

I liked this tab, facilitated monitoring :confused:


HI, I’m getting closer to level 5 badge, The total sales values tab is useful to motivate. Please bring it back.


I agree, we need this tab.


I have read many confused and frustrated post in this forum, but I have never seen anyone complain about those tabs…


Hey guys today I notice that Earnings Page is not showing anymore information about All time earning,This month earning or Your balance.Is that any problem or what?


Those black boxes at the top of the page displaying earnings stats are now missing for me. Anyone else?


They are gone here to.


that is not good

maybe some issue


I don’t have to


Please Envato, bring those black boxes back


yes maybe, i hope to fix it


yes they are missing here to


We hope so :slight_smile:


Gone here too, most probably WIP.


I have the same. Now not so well seen statistics on your smartphone. Before that was more informative.


Ahh, yes. Black boxes disappeared too.


The total sales values tab is useful to motivate. Please bring it back.


Hopefully it’s just a temporary glitch.
If not, then this move by Envato is—at the very least—a bit rude…
and adding a smiley face don’t make it right @KingDog