Update request of this theme ,

I had bought this Oclassified theme since 2 years ago , but still now she do not update this theme ? Please who use this theme they are on great trouble , Oclassified should at list Php update so that we can use it , now all are down for php , it was php 7.1 , now php 7.8 running , this liability should take Envato must , or they should remove this theme from marketplace, if any one buy this theme they will on great trouble . Please make an update of this Laravel CMS with latest php update.
Product Link: oClassifieds - PHP and Laravel Geo Classified ads cms by themeqx | CodeCanyon

Envato are tidying up outdated items etc. but obviously this is a significant project to work through

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Right sir , We are customer, They should update at list Laravel version update and php update . I think it will just 10 min time , User who are buy this they are on trouble, my sit is down for php update ! I tried to update this from my end Laravel update , but i don’t know what they did , its error . if they no update they should give the stapes for easily update. at list php .

I trust Envato , So Envento will take proper action so that active user will get receive php update at list . I trust .

The issue is that envato do not own, develop or support the items sold here - that sits with the author.

This is why the T&Cs outline that envato cannot guarantee up to date compatibility etc esp for an item released several years ago

Presumably as they work through things then items like this would become disabled unless updated but with tens of thousands of items available, it’s impossible to stay on top of each one all the time

I do sympathise with the frustration but even if this had been done formally by an agency for you, let alone as a reduced cost stock solution - after an extended period of time there would be complexity or at least further costs involved in maintaining things well into the future