Unlimited audio downloads – from the composers' point of view?

Audiojungle offers its clients, like other similar platforms, Unlimited audio downloads. I admit that I don’t understand these 2 aspects very well - thank you in advance if someone can give me the answer:

  1. How are the musicians/composers paid with this formula?
  2. I also wonder how to prevent a customer from downloading an entire catalogue with his 'unlimited download ’ package and then breaking the subscription for good and using his ‘stock’ for years…?
  1. Understanding Earnings on Envato Elements:
  2. customer have to be actively Subscribed to the platform(elements) when the project is going on and completed I.e customer cannot stockpile items for future use and cancel the subscription.


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Despite the positive intentions of this “rule”, let’s be honest: It is entirely unenforceable.


I discovered something, I don’t know if it was before, advice on using the Envato market in supporting Elements. Isn’t that strange? :joy:

It’s absolutely not just that this paragraph is written there, I think Envato understands and has already encountered this problem of “stockpile items for the future” and how important the main market is.

Yes, I can only agree with that, the respect of these rules is impossible to check… It’s like saying to people in a shop: ‘you take what you want, than please put money in the box at the exit near the door’.

What percentage would do that? Only Envato can know that, based on the subscriptions that have actually been stopped. But there are other people who take the new subscriptions, so in the short term it looks like everything is going well. But in the medium and long term…I’m afraid that market saturation is inevitable, unfortunately.