Unlimited downloads Subscription

I want to buy an unlimited subscription of Envato elements-
Under this pack, can I download any number of music tracks?
I would be rolling out 3/4 projects every month that require background score.
Once I buy the subscription can I use these for my projects? These projects would be mainly used on Youtube, other Social Media Platforms.
If there is conflict on the usage how can I prove that I have paid for the song and I have legal right to use it?

Hey @churchkeziah! Welcome to the forums.

Yes, you can download as many tracks as you need as long as they are meant to be used in an actual project. You must in fact specify the project’s name before downloading the tracks. In other words, you can not bulk download tracks for eventual future projects. If you want to use a track you already downloaded in a different project, you should download it again and provide the name of this new project. Also, bare in mind that most of the Audiojungle catalog is not available on Elements, they are separate platforms. You can browse the available items here.

Elements covers only standard licensing, which by the uses you mention above (Youtube, Social Media, Internal Media, etc.), should suit you just fine. If you are planning to broadcast any of your contents (i.e.: TV, Radio) then you’ll need an extended license that can only be purchased in Audiojungle. Here’s some useful information on the extension of each license type.

Hope it helps! Best regards.

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It’s worth mentioning that you also need to be actively subscribed at the time of the project being completed i.e. you can’t stockpile items for the future or reuse previously downloaded/used items for new projects