unfortunately we found it isn't at the quality standard ??

that massage from envato i did not know what is the wrong with that design to not accepted at the anvato and the envato team did not tell you whats is wrong with the design just send that massage and give you link to an article have a lot of wrong thing i just need to know which wrong i do they did not tell you dont know why so can any body help me to know what is wrong i do .


looks like free cover for FB which you can get from internet in seconds :wink: this days we have not only the market, we have envato elements… if you want someone to pay for your work, make it worth of it.

Really :slight_smile:

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maybe , but some are still accepted here lol so why letting other ones go and not this one?

i guess the real issue is more likely to be the fact that the typo is not good enough for them (too plain and lacking font combinations) and the fact that some texts cannot objectively be read … especially personal information ,… i would rather take out the picture under and write on a plain color or gradient or , option 2, melt the picture in the backgroud by reducing the opacity and playing with fusion modes so that the picture can be seen a bit and the texts can be readable on top of them

thanks :grinning:

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thanks for comment :grinning:

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