Unable to make purchases with Greek credit card

Hi everyone,

We have a Greek credit card and since the capital controls began in Greece have been unable to buy any products from Envato (we’re using a valid credit card which had worked without any problems in the past, also when making purchases on the Envato website). We contacted Envato and they said no one else has reported this.
Still, the problem persists.

Is anyone else experiencing the same issue or have any information on this?

Hi trizonia. I have he same problem (Kane ypomoni… dystyxws i katastasi tha argisei na diorthwthei :frowning: )

Me too. I send an email to them and wait for reply.I also talked to my bank and they don’t see any connection been done. Like I didn’t even try to make purchase. I know paypal has blocked our country and I suspect skrill has done too.

I can make online payments with my card but not through these 2 companies and I-tunes. These days I paid my server on DigitalOcean, Steam and Udemy. All these companies offered alternative payments methods and there was no problem. I feel it’s time for envato to add alternatives payment methods. They said 3 years ago that it was important to them and they will do it,but still nothing. They are loosing 120$ from me right now and some other marketplace that offer alternatives payments will get them.

I hope this topic this will not get buried and get an official response.

Hi guys and thanks for replying :)!

I’ve also contacted Envato (they didn’t know about the problem), and from what they said they’re working on a solution, so hopefully the problem will be solved soon. They seemed quite determined and their customer service was very good, so I’m optimistic about the situation.


I’m glad to hear that, hopefully I will get a reply too, soon.

I checked and Skrill has also banned us. Unlike Paypal, they offer wire-banking so if you have a Skrill account you can send money directly from your bank account and then make your purchases. For me that’s not an option though, because I already deposit the 120$ to the prepaid card. I don’t want to deposit again on Skrill so I can buy the items.

Not to mention I don’t have time to do these procedures. I mean I have to contact Skrill support, collect all the legal documents that they need to identify me, get a valid bank account, go and wait in line to my local bank, do extra paperwork there and then wait till someone from Skrill verified that they got their money AND check if there is fraud involve (because of company policy). Not worth it.

Hopefully these big companies will start accepting our cards from September or worst October.

Yes, I know that Skrill has also banned us (I didn’t know about the wire-banking though). I had also contacted them and they never wrote back. They don’t seem very organized -their Greek page has a horrible translation and the information they give there is not the same as on their Worldwide website.
I really don’t understand why both Skrill and Paypal decided to “punish” their Greek customers this way.

Well, hopefully someone will manage to work this out - either the payment gateway companies or Envato.
Let’s see…

hi, sorry to ask just that but it would not be easier to get to purchase with paypal?

Hi n2n44,
As mentioned earlier, it isn’t possible to pay with PayPal.

sorry maybe i failed to read properly … sorry again

If you still need help contact me via my profile. Exo ti lisi!

No problem. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks a lot, I’ll let you know if I need anything :). Basika i etaireia me boi8ise kai brika lusi. Me to paypal bebaia ta idia…

Ti sou eipan?? Emena mou eipan oti den mporoun na kanoun kati. 2 atoma pou milisa me tin etairia den noiastikan kai mou eipan pws den tha valoun allous tropous. Ti lysi yparxei ?