Credit Card payment option on checkout is missing

Hi friends
I am in Turkey and when I try to buy an item and go to checkout the payment with credit card is missing… (only PayPal and Skrill) are available.
is this normal? is it happening with you also?
Waiting for your kind replies


Here you will find all of envato payment methods

How you purchase an item

Still any question get touch with envato support team they would like to assist you.


Hi … I am a customer of envato since 2010 … I already know all of this.!
I am saying that now the credit card payment option is missing on checkout
can you explain this to me?
thank you

We didn’t get any official update yet.
My opinion get in touch with envato support team hope they will solved your issue.

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I did contact the support by following the link on your reply
Thank you

having the same problem and not having answer 2 days. I am loosing time…

having the same problem!!!