Unable to edit published pages in Enfold

For at least two months now I am unable to edit pages in WordPress created with the ENFOLD template.

Every time I try to edit any of the pages on my site, vietnamdetox.com, I get the following message:

An error occurred - Error fetching content - please reload the page and try again.

I have contacted my host company, Hostgator and we have done the following:

Deactivated all plugins
Updated to latest PHP version
Updated to the PHP.ini file to allow for maximum speed.

None of the above solved the problem and through a process of elimination we were able to confirm the issue is not with the hosting providers.

Without the ability to edit pages, the site becomes useless. It looks like other people have the same issue with this template.

How can I use the Enfold template again? Do I need to make changes to the server?
Please advice.

Many thanks in advance for yoru suggestions.


I think try to contact Enfold Support is the only free solution you can receive. Anyway the problem seem not related to the theme but to your site/hosting so maybe also Enfold is not able to help you.