Updating failed

Hello! All of a suden I cannot edit my pages. Updating failed. Enfold theme is updated. What else can I do?


Enfold Theme Update guide here

Still any question get in touch with that purchase item author @Kriesi hope they will helped!


Hi Chris,

Can you please share your website URL?

Try installing this WordPress plugin “Health Check & Troubleshooting”
Check if this plugin is showing any issue.

https://www.spletka.net is the URL. Will try plugin “Health Check & Troubleshooting”. Thanks!

Updating page.

I did that in the end. I wanted to avoid it but oh well… Thanks everyone!

Sounds good that your website is working fine.


  1. Remove extra theme and plugin which are not of use. This will speed-up your website.
  2. Please take backup of your current WordPress website.