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Ok, I’ve been a member here some time but want to start taking things a bit more seriously. I love creating music but I am very intimidated by all things HTML code etc. As a result one of the things seriously hampering my ability to market myself is the lack of a decent profile page. I’m embarrassed to even send friends to check it out because in my mind its “not ready” I know there has been extensive threads on this very topic, but I still feel at a total loss as what and how to do it. I’m not a graphic designer or web savvy person at all. SO I’m ready to hire someone to do it for me, is that ridiculous? Is it easier than it looks? Most authors seem to have kind of a simular look with collections and graphics is there a template that is just plug and play? If I do hire someone from Envato Marketplaces, what do you think is reasonable to pay? I’m certainly not making a career move here, just wanting to do the best job I can at what is a very positive artistic outlet for me.

On a side note, as a creative musician, why wouldn’t audiojungle provide a bit more assets toward this end to enable more sales for starting and potentially not web savvy authors. It is music and sound after all we are supposed to be good at. Just a thought. Seems like everyone else has had an easier time than me. Reminding me of grade school when everyone finished the exam and I was left last distracted by the music down the hall.

Appreciate any feedback. Thank You.

These three pages are all I ever used to make my item pages (which aren’t as professional as others, but still good). It’s very easy to pick up.

HTML Guide by Envato http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/262

Guide on basic HTML. Very simple.

The Envatitor http://revaxarts-themes.com/envatitor/

Allows you to preview what you are doing. Type in the HTML and you see it in the box below. This is great especially for item uploads, which inexplicably never allow you to preview what your description is.

Envato Asset Library http://audiojungle.net/page/asset_library

Assets which you can use in your item previews.

Additionally, I often like to use photos from Photodune (or other stock picture sites) to enhance my pages. You could also get some logos from Graphicriver, etc… etc…

There are other authors here with far better looking pages than my own though, so I hope they chime in.

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For the profile stuff (banners, headings, etc) it helps to know a little basic Photoshop. You can go a very long way with a semi-interesting font choice (pretty much any sans-serif other than arial), drop shadows, and gradient overlays.

Once you make a template it is really easy to make multiple banners for different tracks. For instance… all of my track banners on my portfolio page come from the same template. I just throw in a different, and hopefully related background image for each track, and edit the text.

After you make them, it is as easy as finding a stable host for them (perhaps host them on your websites FTP), and link to them via img link tags.

P.S. - The width of your profiles usable HTML space is 616 pixels, so make your track banners that width. This is also true of your item pages as well.

Good luck

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IMO, graphic/web design is pretty easy. HTML is a fairly easy language (at least it used to be) and you really don’t have to learn that much in order to customize your Audio Jungle profile page. If you have the spare time, I would try and see what you can do yourself before paying someone. If you have the money but not the time, sure, hire someone.

Thank you Gareth for the links and help here. Bcrutchfield also helpful, thank you for the 616pixels tip, very helpful. Appreciate it! I hope to get something up soon, I’m going to make some coffee and dig in this week.

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